Waverley is a great place to live for many...
 ... but some in our
 community are suffering serious hardship 

Leaning on the Wall
About the Fund

Rotary in Godalming runs Rotary's Waverley-wide Support Fund to provide support to those in need in the area covered by Waverley Borough Council (excluding Farnham, which is covered by a separate fund). The  Fund was previously known as Rotary's Waverley-wide Covid Support Fund and was renamed to reflect ongoing need as the situation has evolved. It is anticipated that economic hardship will continue after the pandemic.

We are working with Citizens Advice Waverley so that financial support is provided along with practical advice to those in need at this time.

We are also cooperating with other funds in the Waverley area.

A detailed description of the scheme can be found here.

Other Support Funds in Waverley

The Rotary fund provides support to all Waverley residents, but particularly those in geographical areas not covered by other funds in the area and to supplement them where required.

We may share applications with other funds as appropriate.


Other funds include:

This Fund has now used up its available funds so is closed to new applicants.   All applications received prior to 18th February 2022 are being processed, but new applicants should contact Waverley Borough Council directly - see this link for further details